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Articles tagged: Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

Lambda Chat

Lambda Chat

AWS Lambda is the future, it's the new normal. Great! Awesome.

Can you do anything useful with it?

We took that as a challenge. Could we, using AWS Lambda, create a multi-user, dynamic web application without using EC2 or resorting to hacks? I mean no instances, no ELBs, not even a security group. And especially no hard-coded AWS credentials.

We did, and it's called Lambda Chat.

Live demo

Code on GitHub

Lambda Chat is a simple chat application using AWS Lambda, SNS, DynamoDB and S3.

Static websites can be hosted …

Fear the Chaos Monkey? Think again!

Fear the Chaos Monkey? Think again!

On July 30, 2012, Netflix open sourced the Simian Army, which includes the now world famous Chaos Monkey. That was 3 years ago. For those not familiar, Chaos Monkey is a little service that runs in the background and goes around killing EC2 instances. Yes, that's right:

Chaos Monkey terminates live servers with real users in production.

The question is...

Why is this scary?

Why would I, running a mission critical system, not want to be continuously testing the resiliency of my service? Why would I want to be woken up in the middle of the night by PagerDuty just …

The DOs and DON'Ts of Blue/Green Deployment

The DOs and DON'Ts of Blue/Green Deployment

The term "blue/green deployment" is so misunderstood, we can't even decide on what to call it. Netflix call it Red/Black Deployment, while others call it A/B Deployment. Personally, I don't even know which color represents which thing, but this is only the beginning of the confusion.

So, I thought it might help to get some thoughts out there, have others weigh in, and see if we can't reach some consensus. After all, it's been 5 years since the oracle spoke. :-)

Here goes...

First off, blue/green deployment is the process of having 2 sets of machines, and …

AWS EC2 Performance Tuning

AWS EC2 Performance Tuning

Last time we reviewed AWS IAM Best Practices to cover essentials of your AWS security barriers.

Now, let's get to basics - EC2 performance. When we "cloudify" our applications we tend to think of how we scale them and make robust, fault-tolerant and cloud-compatible in general. However, before going up and multiplying your EC2 instances with Auto Scaling groups you may need to look at that single EC2 box and ask yourself... "Why so slow?". Yes, that dreaded performance tuning task most of us never know enough to feel confident.

Fear not, for when talking about Linux performance there is one …

Paravirtual vs HVM images

Paravirtual vs HVM images

Once upon a time, about last Monday, I thought PV AMIs were "the thing". Then I noticed the AWS Web Console had moved the HVM Amazon Linux AMI to the top of the list. I did a little more digging, and found that every 2nd generation instance type can use HVM, but only a subset can use PV. This is the opposite of the 1st generation instances.

Intrigued, I started asking around but no one could say for certain what the future held. So, since I was paying for Business Support anyway, I though I'd ask them. The response from …

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