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Lambda Chat

Lambda Chat

AWS Lambda is the future, it's the new normal. Great! Awesome.

Can you do anything useful with it?

We took that as a challenge. Could we, using AWS Lambda, create a multi-user, dynamic web application without using EC2 or resorting to hacks? I mean no instances, no ELBs, not even a security group. And especially no hard-coded AWS credentials.

We did, and it's called Lambda Chat.

Live demo

Code on GitHub

Lambda Chat is a simple chat application using AWS Lambda, SNS, DynamoDB and S3.

Static websites can be hosted …

AWS S3 Performance Tuning

AWS S3 Performance Tuning

Previous posts covered AWS IAM Best Practices, AWS EC2 Performance Tuning and AWS EBS Best Practices and Performance Tuning.

This time we're going to talk about one of the most essential (and earliest!) AWS services - Simple Storage Service or S3. How does one go about optimizing performance of one's S3 buckets? Is it infinitely scalable out of the box?

Let's find out by watching "Maximizing Amazon S3 Performance" AWS re:Invent 2014 session by Felipe Garcia. As it turns out, not everything about S3 buckets is as simple as it seems.

What do we learn from this session?

There are …

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